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New drivers to directly measure temperature and humidity in clean rooms, laboratories, museums, ...


Driver for S7-300, 400 and 1200 available

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- Fast and easy installation / configuration

- Drivers for multiple vendors

- Alarm monitoring

- (Automatic) Reports

- Conform to 21CFR11

- Process and batch monitoring

- Client / Server systems

- Web server / Scripting

- Mathematical functions


New!:  WebDataWizard:

Handle all your measured data on an internet server. No software installation required. Take a browser and have acces to your data and automatic reports.

Application areas of MCPS software


Power plants

Pharmaceutical industry



MCPS application:  Monitoring of climate chambers, refrigerators and incubators


- Monitoring of 30 climate chambers at the same time with different dataloggers

- Asynchronous data acquisition and saving

- Alarm management and protocols

- Statistics and reports


A manufacturer of refrigerators uses MCPS to monitor the products in climate chambers during development phase


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